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Yep, it's been ages. Alex is now 7 years old, we're now living 5 hours north of our previous home and we have a new puppy. There have been bumps and bruises and a lot of growth in the past year+ since I last updated this site but we've come through mostly whole. I had a bunch of photos to get off my camera and Alex has been pestering me constantly to put up pictures of his Lego creations. This comes from the fact that he has become a rabid fan of a Lego builder blog called The Brother's Brick. I have plans to switch this website to blog format but who knows when I'll actually get around to that. In the meantime check out the New page and the Lego Creations page or visit my food blog Dog Hill Kitchen. Happy Halloween! 10-31-09

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day today at a carnival at the Gibraltar Trade Center. Alex loved going on the rides. His favorite was the bumper boats. Last month was rough for us. Alex had bouts of strep throat followed by mono. While he was recovering, we worked on reading and his handwriting at home. For fun, Alex is still into building Lego creations. There was a short time this winter where he was building Star Wars vehicles but now he's back into Bionicles. It's fun to watch how his creations have become more inventive and complicated. He loves browsing through You Tube's collection of Bionicle videos. He picks up new designs from the videos and builds them himself without instructions. He also loves watching the dumber videos for the fun of it. Our new house plans are progressing and tomorrow is the day they start the excavation process. I'm attempting to chronicle our build on Building on Dog Hill and I've been keeping up with my foodblog Dog Hill Kitchen. Alex's birthday is only 2 weeks away and I'm trying to figure out the best way to create a Bionicle cake. John might be recruited for artistic assistance. Wish us luck! In the meantime, enjoy the new pictures. -Maggie 6-1-08

Happy (western) Easter! Alex and I dyed eggs with food today, see our eggs here. He had the most fun mixing all the colors up afterwards. We recently had a bowling party with Alex's school. It was Alex's first time bowling and he had lots of fun at first but got bored waiting for his turn. Alex has been playing on my computer more lately and he loves this video on You Tube. He liked it so much he had to make his own version, Alex's Food Fight Tribute. I added a few new pictures including the super cute photo booth shots taken at Boyne mountain. Enjoy all the new pictures! -Maggie 3-22-08

2008 is HERE! Alex was weighed and measured today: 44 1/2 lbs and 45 1/2 inches! Can you believe it?

Alex had a blast over Christmas break! He loved his new Legos and seeing all the family. And he loved eating all the Christmas treats too. We had a lot of fun showing Uncle Mike and the cousins our new land up north. Everyone did a lot of sledding on our big hills. Alex loved cousin Margot building Legos with him back at the hotel the best, I think.
Alex is still very into Legos and Scooby-doo. We've been building and mixing up and rebuilding and building the combo figures for the new Exo-force Legos. He also loves watching Lego videos on You Tube. We had to download the song from this video so he could play it while building. Alex started a karate class at the rec center a few weeks ago. We've been practicing bows, kicks, punches and blocks this week. He's so cute in his uniform! We're looking forward to Alex's school Valentine's Day party and winter break.
Otherwise, I've been trying to be patient waiting for bids on our house design to come through and I started a food blog, Dog Hill Kitchen. It's not much but I just wanted to have a place to post some recipes and food related stuff. Another thing I'm sure you'll notice from all the pictures is that we got a new kitten. Her name is Abbie and she's about 5 months old right now. She's a brave little thing and so cute and soft and fuzzy. Unfortunately, she came with a kitty cold that Nelson and she have been fighting off for weeks. We finally had to separate them for awhile just so they wouldn't pass it back and forth anymore. Icky-eyed, sneezing cats are no fun and giving them medicine was hell! I hope everyone is enjoying their winter. Phil says we're getting six more weeks!-Maggie 2-2-08

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great time visiting with family. Alex really liked snuggling with cousin Becky and playing with his cousins Eva, David, Margot and Nicholas. I got to go to Alex's Thanksgiving feast at school. He gobbled up his pumpkin pie! Coming up soon is the school's Winter Program. Alex is memorizing lines from The Night Before Christmas. He was thrilled to see some snow on the ground on Thanksgiving and had to go out the day after and eat as much snow as he could find. Of course, he needed maple syrup on top of the snow! We all can't wait for Christmas. Alex talks daily about the Legos he hopes to get from Santa. Let's just hope he can stay on the "nice" list! -Maggie 11-25-07

Happy Halloween! Alex and I had a great time at his school on Halloween. That's me above in the Clone Trooper costume. (I tried to be Leia but it was out of stock and didn't ship in time.) On Halloween night, Alex and John went out trick or treating but Alex was more interested in acting out a Scooby-doo story than getting treats. Scooby-doo books and movies were very BIG in the house this past month. We've also been reading Nate the Great books and making lots of Star Wars Lego creations. If you haven't watched it yet, check out Alex's Darth Vader video on You Tube. -Maggie 11-3-07

Lots, lots, lots has happened since that long ago update back in March. I'll try and sum up the last six months as best I can. First, we didn't buy the house and land we were looking at up north. To console ourselves we bought a new car, a Saturn Outlook, and headed down to Key West for an Easter vacation. The quaint house, in old Key West, we rented with it's own private pool was awesome. Alex loved visiting the Key West Aquarium and the Key West Butterfly House. We returned home and Alex finished up his year of pre-school. On June 10th, we celebrated Alex's 5th birthday! He had a great time playing with his family and his friends from next door, Nicholas and Emily. Alex got a new playground at our house for his birthday as well as many other awesome presents. After the end of pre-school and the party we took a trip up to Northport, MI. We rented a house and had lots of fun with visiting family. The house had it's own man-made pond full of frogs, newts, and tadpoles. We even brought the dogs, Karmal and Roxy, with us. They loved hunting frogs at the pond. July went by with summer school and some short trips up north to look at land. Then in August we took a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC. We rented a house the first week and had uncle Kevin, Eva, Margot, uncle Mike and David as guests. We had lots of fun on the beach, but had worries about Papou back at home. He had a few issues with his health during this time but thankfully is doing much better now. On August 26th we had celebration for Grandma and Grandpa's 60th birthdays. Alex had a blast at the park we held it at and it was fun seeing family and friends. On September 4th, Alex had his first day of kindergarten. So far it's going well. Though some days it's hard to drag him away from his Legos and Transformers. He's still very much into telling stories and building with Legos. And all summer long he's really been interested in doing his own "cooking". Alex is REALLY looking forward to Halloween. He can't decide what he wants to be but he loves reading the scary Halloween books. Well that about sums it up. Be sure and visit John's website: Raptisoft He's just put up a new design and I've been doing the extra game picks. Oh, and Happy 60th today mom!! -Maggie 9-27-07

The long-awaited update is here! With Alex in preschool we've been going through a parade of colds, coughs, and earaches. Christmas was rough since all three of us had a nasty cold for the whole vacaction. Fortunately, winter break was much better and a glimmer of hope comes with the arrival of spring. We had a Raptisoft Supporter Retreat at Boyne Mountain in Febuary that was a load of fun. Alex really loved the water park, Avalanche Bay. During this trip we also took a look at a new property up north. This could be it...the move out of the Detroit-area into our very own wilderness hidaway. The process is moving slowly at the moment so we'll have to wait and see. Alex still plays with his Legos a ton. His make believe games are also becoming much more complex and fun. He had a great time the other day pretending to be Mermaidman, a character from the SpongeBob cartoon. A picture of that outfit as well as other New Pictures are up on the website now. There's a bunch from our trip to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, a picture of Alex with Santa, and pictures of Alex with his pets. Happy Spring! -Maggie 3-25-07

We attended Alex's pre-school winter program today. Alex has been busy practicing his songs for weeks now. It was a lot of fun seeing him sing with his class. They sung: I Saw Three Ships, O Christmas Tree, Noel, Welcome Hanukah, Santa Claus Don't Be Late, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After the show, we all celebrated with lunch. Alex also got to see Santa recently. He was very awed but didn't seem scared. He asked Santa for a Christmas tree with ornaments. He's been busy since writing letters telling Santa that he really wants spaceship Legos. He's been doing great in school lately and as a reward he's gotten some Lego sets that occupy a good deal of his play time. We're all excited about Christmas and plan to get our tree tomorrow. -Maggie 12-9-06

Halloween was a blast this year. The neighborhood parade was cancelled because of rain but the weather for Halloween itself was pleasant. Alex had fun at his school's Halloween party. I got to attend and help Alex and a few of his classmates do crafts and play games. Alex, John and I all were pirates this year. Alex and John went trick or treating and had lots of fun. I stayed and handed out our treats. Alex got lots of good candy and came home to help hand out our goodies. He was very interested in bloody limbs this year for decorating, yuck!
This past weekend we went to the U of M Natural History Museum with Grandma and Grandpa Cook. Alex liked the ant section in their new evolution display and the diaramas of Native Americans. Of course the dinosaurs are always worth investigating too.
School days are a mix of good days and bad days as Alex learns the rules. He's making some friends and enjoying himself. We play "circle time" at home a lot. Alex always wants to pretend to be the teacher so he dressed up dinosaurs to be his "kids". He's also recently gotten some Legos to play with . He likes making houses and people to play in them.
Alex is very excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. He talks about the food we'll eat on Thanksgiving and about Santa all the time. -Maggie 11-8-06

With all the craziness of school starting I haven't taken many pictures. However, I have managed to work on compressing a video of Alex's volcano birthday cake and I even put it up on You Tube. You can watch it in the window above or go to Alex's Volcano Cake Video. Hopefully this will be only the first of many Alex videos to come. -Maggie 10-11-06

The end of summer is near. We just returned from a wonderful vacation on the beach. First, we spent a week in Sandbridge, south of Virginia Beach. We saw great-aunt Barbie there and even got Uncle Mike and David to come along for a couple of days. The water and beach were great and Alex had a fun time visiting the Virginia Aquarium. We then spent a second week on Hilton Head Island. The weather was gorgeous! They kept threatening rain but it never came. Alex had a blast in the pools and playing with the other kids there. We went on a Kid's Cruise where we caught shrimp, crab and fished for shark. Alex has changed so much over this summer. He's starting to read and write. Over our vacation he learned to wink, swim underwater and tread water without any help. It's so much fun seeing him grow. In September, Alex will start pre-school three half-days a week. I think he's ready for the new challenge. -Maggie 8-22-06

Alex is now 4 years old!!! I made a volcano cake that erupted smoke and lava. Alex was thrilled. He's been busy taking summer play classes this month. So far he's loved them. I have some pictures of some his art projects. Alex is spending a lot of time drawing lately. He loves to practice writing his letters and numbers and his name. We took a day trip to Point Pelee and came home with a ton of rocks. We also took another Traverse City trip. We made a stop at Grandma and Grandpa Cook's woods, Forager's Forest and stopped at the Junction Valley Railroad on the way home. Take a look at all the New Pictures. -Maggie 7-21-06

We took a trip to visit Traverse City for Mother's Day. While there we visited the Clinch Park Zoo. Alex loved seeing all the animals and really got a kick out of the otter. For good and for bad this zoo will be closing this summer, more info here. We loved visiting this zoo and seeing the animals up close but the animals would be happier in a more natural setting. Check the new pictures page for pictures of Alex at the zoo. -Maggie 5-26-06

It's been awhile since I last updated the site (again). In February, Alex's Great-grandfather Peter passed away. Alex always loved when we saw Great-grandpa because his walker made a great jungle gym. Here is a picture with Great-Grandpa from Christmas 2004.
But finally, the long dreary Michigan winter is over! We got a chance to escape to Florida at the end of March. Alex got sick while we were at Disney but recovered quickly enough. Then, Disney World was PACKED! Alex was very excited about seeing the castle and walking through it. He also loved the train ride around the park. We went on to Sanibel Island and spent a week there. The weather was great but John's sinuses were driving him nuts. The best part for Alex was on the trip home. We stopped at Dinosaur World outside of Tampa, FL. With tropical plants and life-sized, fiberglass dinosaurs the place really made an impression on Alex. I think those were the best 2 hours of the whole vacation for him. We also stopped in Florence, KY to see his Great-grandma Margaret. We stayed at a crazy theme hotel there called the Wildwood Inn. John and I were incredibly tired but Alex got his money's worth of the Tennessee Cave room. He climbed every surface he could and had a blast.
Alex has a couple of activities scheduled for the summer and I'm busy dreaming up another vacation(s). John is trying to get back into working and has a new project started that I'm excited about. And for some great news, great-aunt Barbie just graduated this past weekend and is now Dr. Barbie. Congratulations! -Maggie 5-8-06

A lot of time has passed since I last made an update and a lot has happened.
Alex had a great time at Halloween. Our subdivision has a Halloween parade and this was the first year he got to walk in it. Alex loved the fire truck that led the parade. He was dressed as a tiger and was adorable! Yes, that's me as a witch. It's too bad we didn't get any pictures with the full green face because it was hideous. I managed to scare a few little kids while answering our door.
We've adopted a new dog. Her name is Karmal (originally Karma) and she's a 1 year-old beagle mix. Alex loves her! He couldn't stop playing with her the first week she was here. Karmal and Roxy get along well and love to play together and chase around the backyard. She's not as smart as Roxy or as sweet-tempered as Bear but she has a playful spirit and should be a great pal for Roxy and Alex.
We had a good Thanksgiving. We went to great-uncle Paul's house and Alex tortured Katie by trying to play with all her toys. On November 30th, our town had its first tree lighting ceremony. Alex had a good time but was impatient to see the tree all lit up. He was thrilled when Santa arrived in a fire truck. John's game Chuzzle won an award for casual game of the year from Billboard Magazine, DEMX awards.
Alex was full of the Christmas spirit this year. I can't even count the number of Christmas songs he can sing along to. He was especially fond of the Grinch cartoon. I bought him a Santa hat and he's STILL pretending to be the Grinch every day. He also liked the "Charlie Brown Christmas Special" and "The year without a Santa Claus" a lot. Alex loves playing in the snow. He's gotten pretty good at making snow angels and loves to ride in the sled. While I was cleaning out some cabinets before Christmas Alex found an old bib with chopsticks on it. He had to try and eat the next couple of meals with chopsticks. He actually did pretty well eating the scrambled eggs but not so the ice cream.
Christmas was a blast! Alex had lots of fun helping me roll and cut out cookies and we made gingerbread houses. Of course he liked eating the cookies most of all. He loved opening his presents. So far his favorite present is his new pirate ship. He's also been busy treating us all like invalids so he can use his new doctor's kit. I guess that's pretty much all we've been up to lately. Please have a look at all the new pictures on the NEW PICTURES page.
And have a Happy New Year! -Maggie 12-29-05

We have sad news. Our dog Bear got sick this weekend and we ended up deciding to put him to sleep on Sunday. He was a great dog and one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. I've added a page with all the digital pictures of bear I could find here: Bear's Page. Maggie 10-3-05

Try out another new game from John, Hap Hazard. It's like an updated Jumpman for those of you who loved the Commodore 64 classic. -Maggie 8-28-05

I finally remembered to add links to John's new game, Chuzzle. You can play a short version in a pop-up window or download the full game. Watch out, it's a very addictive game and the Chuzzles are sooooo cute! I updated the links page to show what else we've been doing online recently. I also added two pictures from the Armada Fair, one from the UofM Natural History Museum, and one picture of Alex climbing Oma and Pappou's quince tree. Alex loved feeding the animals at the fair and eating popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cones. He really liked the dinosaur bones and dioramas of Native Americans at the museum. But, nothing beats climbing a tree. Enjoy the new pictures. -Maggie 8-24-05

Ahh summer! We've been busy enjoying ourselves. We visited the Lionel Visitor Center with Grandma and Grandpa Cook and had a good time. Alex took his cousins (Eva and Margot) to the Detroit Zoo. Then Alex, John and I went on a long vacation to Virginia. We stopped in Baltimore, Maryland on the way to see the National Aquarium. Alex loved the turtles, rays and sharks. We went on to Virginia Beach were we met up with Aunt Barbie. All of us had a blast on the beach there. The water was warm and the waves were a lot of fun. Alex even got to see more turtles, rays and sharks at the Virginia Beach Aquarium. He got to touch starfish, rays and a horseshoe crab. He even got to pretend to be a starfish. We continued our vacation by moving on to Williamsburg, Virginia. We stayed at the Kingsmill Resort there and loved it. Their outdoor pool was the best! While in Williamsburg we went to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Alex liked the Clydesdale horses and the Land of the Dragons at Busch Gardens. At Water Country USA, he loved passing the tyrannosaurus sign on the lazy river. We're a little sad to be home. It was such a great vacation and summer will be ending soon here. Take a look at the new pictures to share our summer fun. -Maggie 8-19-05

Alex is 3 years old! He had a good time on his birthday. We played at a park and went to the Detroit Zoo. He had an even better time at his party. He loved having tons of people to entertain him. I could barely keep him out of the monkey cake before it was time to sing. He even managed to blow out three candles at once (the good luck candle took an extra puff). The week after his birthday we went to Traverse City. He had a lot of fun at the beach and saw his first dead fish. We had to drag him away from it. The first dune at Sleeping Bear Dunes was quite a challenge but with a little help from Daddy he made it to the top. Since we've been back, Alex has been staying cool inside playing with his Playdough food set and riding his bouncing horse. I've put up lots of new pictures on the New Pictures page. -Maggie 6-28-05

I finally got around to updating the site to accommodate a new 2005 photo page. I added a few new pictures from our "Day out with Thomas" and some random stuff. Alex loves the warm weather and has been in his sandbox non-stop. The house is slowly filling up with sand since he drags in sand in his shoes, socks and pockets every time he goes out. We've also been spending a lot of time at the new community center. They have a kiddie pool with tunnels, slides and waterfalls and a dry play area with climbing structures and a big twisty slide that he loves. We just finished a play class there and will be starting swimming classes in a week. -Maggie 5-14-05

Finally, a few pictures from 2005! I've stuck them on the New Pictures page til I make a 2005 Page. Alex has been busy learning songs. He sings his own versions of Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I'm going to eat some worms, Row Row Your Boat, Pop Goes the Weasel, and a bunch of Laurie Berkner songs. has some Laurie Berkner videos that Alex loves. We've been visiting the Wolcott Mill Farm so often lately the cats recognize us. They had baby goats the last time we went (very cute!!) but Alex was only interested in the MUD! He just loves mud puddles and his new rubber frog boots. -Maggie 3-22-05

I added a countdown ticker to show Alex's age. Sorry, no new pictures this time. -Maggie 3-8-05

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went very well. We loved having our families over to our house. You can see the pictures on the New Pictures Page. Alex's Christmas toys are everywhere! I try to corral them into his room but they creep out all day. He's been playing with his new matchbox cars, foam balls and Thomas roundhouse the most. He really loves the Thomas DVD he got. The songs with train noises are very exciting! -Maggie 12-29-04

Alex had a great time on Halloween. He was a skeleton this year. He loved yelling "Trick or Treat" and being able to run around in the dark. He wanted to play with all the toys we were giving out and loved the stretchy Frankensteins most of all. Pumpkins were also a passing obsession. His favorite activity was painting pumpkins, but he had lots of fun on our visits to the pumpkin patch. Check out Halloween and pumpkin pictures on the New Pictures Page.
Alex is now starting to say some two and three word phrases. He can also climb up on kitchen countertops, on the cat tree, and even get on top of the washing machine! Of course, all these activities have been forbidden. He's really getting interested in Christmas books and loves to point out the Christmas trees, cookies and Santa. I'm sure I read "The Bear's Christmas" 40+ times just this week. One of his other favorite Christmas books is "Frosty the Snowman" and he asks to hear the song play on the computer constantly nowHe has started saying "Cheese" and giving a big fake smile whenever he sees the camera, but I'm trying to be persistant so I can get a decent Christmas picture. Wish me luck! -Maggie 12-10-4

Alex is now 2! Check out all his new pictures. This summer flew by. We spent a lot of time going to the sprinkler park at Metro Beach and Wolcott Farm. We also took a trip to Traverse City. Alex loved running into the surf and throwing sand into the water there. Alex has learned many more words and knows his ABC's and numbers 1-13. He just learned to jump with both feet. He loves playing with his dinosaurs and watching Sesame Street. His favorite book right now is "The Cat in the Hat". I think he likes it because the fish yells "no" so often. We went to the Detroit Zoo recently and Alex's favorite part was the Arctic underwater tunnel. He really liked to watch the sunlight dance on the floor. -Maggie 10-4-04

We took a short trip to Niagara Falls. Alex had a great time at the Butterfly Conservatory there, see the pictures on the New photos page. He's been busy helping me in the garden at our new house. I have one picture up of Alex by our pond. He's learning more new words and having lots of fun coloring. He can even ask us to get the crayons by saying "coloring". He loves coloring outside with chalk too. He knows several shapes and can say circle, square, star, moon and oval. He's also learning some letters. -Maggie 5-31-04

I updated Alex's Calendar. There is now a list of his current vocabulary and his current height and weight. -Maggie 4-8-04

I forgot to add that John's game (and Alex) were mentioned in a Detroit Free Press article.
Here it is: GAME BITS: Toddler gives the nod to award-winning game. -Maggie 3-21-04

I finally got some recent pictures up, check out the 2004 Photos page. Alex has been busy mastering the fine art of block stacking. He can stack up to 8 blocks now and even use both little and big blocks in the same stack. Of course the fun comes when you smash the stacks! His newest word is "socks" and he says it everytime he gets his socks put on. He also learned to make noise by wiggling his finger to flap his lips. We got a few warmer days and Alex's favorite thing to do in our new yard is throw rocks in the pond. I hope we can find a better game to play outside. -Maggie 3-19-04

Alex's Website has a new look for 2004!
I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays. Alex had a lot of fun playing with his new toys. There are pictures of him on Christmas morning on the New photos page. We've been really busy moving into our new house. You can see the first house pictures HERE. John's newest game has just been released. It's called Hamsterball and it has already won an award. Check out links to the game and an article about the award on the Links page. I hope to get up some more recent pictures, soon. -Maggie 3-8-04

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I should get lots of present opening pitcures this year, wish me luck! -Maggie 12-21-03

What we've been up to: We finally got the first snow of the season. Alex really enjoyed playing in it. I put up pictures up of him in the snow. He's been trying to play with the Christmas tree a lot and he had his first taste of candy cane, which he loved :) We went to the Natural History museum in Ann Arbor recently, see the pictures. He liked touching the giant clam shell and all the rocks. Alex is climbing on EVERYTHING. He can get on all the tables and chairs, on my desk, on the bathroom counter, up onto all the's crazy! I added two new links that Alex likes. Finally, we have great news. We found a new house! It's a ranch in Macomb Township and it's very nice. I think we will all be happier there. Alex really needs the extra room to run around. If everything goes well we should be in it by mid-January. --Maggie 12-14-03

Hi everyone! Sorry it's taken me so long to get up new pictures. We started looking for a new house and are pretty busy. Alex has been as wild as ever. He's been climbing on everything! Chairs, up onto our bed, the couches, trying to climb onto the table... That's been keeping me busy. He really likes to color lately. We got him a big roll of paper and he'll color for up to 45 minutes at a time. He only has a few more words but he's been pointing out a lot more things in books and on tv and using words together sometimes. He's also trying to use utensils more. He loves the little plastic toddler forks I got him. He has started dancing to the tv. I have been showing him how to do a summersault and he tries to do it when there are a lot of people around so they will clap for him. He's such a HAM! :) For Halloween, Alex was Link, an elf. He wouldn't wear the hat but didn't mind the rest of the costume and wore it most of the day. He played in the leaves while I put up decorations on our front door and then "helped" me give out toys to the trick or treaters. I have quite a few pictures to show, check them out on the New Pictures page. --Maggie 11-6-03

I added a new link to Grandpa Cook's newest Travel Bug, Alex the Yearling. Alex has learned to fake sneeze, say "cock-a-doodle-doo" and say "there he is" during peek-a-boo. --Maggie 9-17-03

Alex' s newest word is cool! You say hot, he says cool and vice versa. He does the same with cat/dog. I added a TON of new pictures and a new video. In the new pictures there is Alex with pasta he dumped on the floor, at Wolcott Mill Farm on Grandpa Cook's birthday, in Scout's cage at Uncle Stephen's house, backpacking with Daddy, and many others. Alex has been eating lots of cherry tomatoes from my plants on the deck. I think he's eaten as many as 20 in one day! I also got a good picture of the Cook side of our family. --Maggie 9-10-03

We just got back from a trip to the Traverse City area to look at land. Alex had a wonderful time on the beach, check the New Pictures Page. He also loved the otter in the Clinch Park Zoo. Here a video of Alex yelling at the otter. In other Alex news, he's been using a lot of new words lately. "Up" is his favorite this week. He also roars like a lion, baas like a sheep, says dog, cat and owl now. He taught himself how to go down backwards on the stairs. He can now clap, give high 5s and do a sort of "wheels on the bus." He also used crayons right (ie. he didn't eat them). It's been a busy couple of weeks. Enjoy the pictures! --Maggie 8-3-03

We spent a relaxing and enjoyable 4th. Alex played outside in the water and the playhouse from Uncle Stephen, Aunt Janet, & Co. Thanks Becky!! Saturday, I finally got around to giving Alex his first haircut, see the results. It sure makes getting sunscreen on his forehead easier. --Maggie 7-6-03

Summertime fun!! Alex has been demanding outside playtime lately. He loves running in the grass, playing with the hose, and getting in and out of his pool. His favorite play toy this past two weeks has been the watering wand, see the picture. He's also facinated with getting inside boxes and baskets. My laundry basket isn't safe anymore and any box left around he has to climb in. I added two other cute pictures that can be found on the New Pictures Page. I hope everyone is having a great summer and *Happy Fourth of July*. --Maggie 7-3-03

Well disaster struck...Alex got sick on his birthday. I guess life is full of these little surprises.
He started getting a runny nose on Saturday and we thought nothing of it until he came down with a fever overnight. The next morning he still had a fever and was looking run down. So, we cancelled the party. :( We still gave him his cake and sang Happy Birthday. He was interested in the candle and cake and even flipped the cake over. But, when he smashed the cake he got upset. The bath afterward perked him right up though. :) Here's pictures of Alex and the cake. --Maggie 6-20-03

Alex's birthday is tomorrow!! I can't believe it's been a year already. It looks like I'll have everything ready in time for the party tomorrow afternoon. I hope to take a ton of pictures. Meanwhile...Alex is now a full-time walker, no more crawling! He's even starting to run. He just recently learned to wave as well. He loves to wave and say "Hi Daddy" to John. We took a trip to Wolcott Mill's Farm on John's Birthday (June 11th). Alex liked the cows, ducks, and chickens but one particularly loud sheep scared him. The New Pictures Page has pictures from the farm and a picture from Nicholas' Graduation Party. --Maggie 6-14-03

I've been busy planning Alex's birthday party, but I had to add this picture. This was his first time alone in the big tub. He loves it!! --Maggie 5-29-03

Our vacation up north went well. Alex really liked feeding the gulls and ducks. I put up a few pictures from our trip on the New Pictures page. --Maggie 5-6-03

Added some new links to Alex's Favorite Links. --Maggie 4-17-03

Alex was 10 months-old yesterday. He has become quite a chatterbox lately. He can say dada and Daddy very well, which makes me green with envy, occasionally he says mama or something like kitty (kee). Of course he says all three to anything and everything with lots of variations so who knows if they are actually words yet? He has FOUR teeth now, two middle bottom and two top fangs. On March 14th he took his first solo steps (two in a row) but hasn't taken more than three at a time yet. Mostly he just speed-crawls and climbs up on everything. He has been flipping through books on his own (very cute!!). In March, we took him to visit the Matthaei Botanical Gardens. I have up pictures of Alex riding on John's shoulders, Alex looking at the goldfish, and Alex and John checking out the chocolate tree from our visit there. We also finally got a picture with the elusive Uncle Dino. We're finally getting some better weather and Alex has enjoyed looking out the screen door with Nelson. Just this past Monday he got to play in the grass for the first time. I added some other new pictures to the New Picture Page and will try and add new videos soon. --Maggie 4-16-03

I've finally added some new pictures, two New Videos and New Links. So what's NEW?? Alex will be 8 months-old on this coming Saturday!! He is now crawling very well, cruising the furniture, and sitting up on his own. Alex was baptized on December 29th, here we are with his godfather (Uncle Mike). He can put a spoonful of food in his mouth. He now eats beef, chicken, bread, potatoes and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. We're taking a "swimming" class on Saturdays. We finally see the tip of a tooth, shouldn't be long now. Oh...and his naps are a lot shorter, Gotta run! --Maggie 2-10-03

Added three New Pictures. --Maggie 12-23-02

Just added two new videos of Alex at the piano. --Maggie 12-4-02

Alex is keeping me Very busy, so I haven't had time to update the site. Since I last wrote he's started crawling (though most of the time he scoots), can sit up unassisted, has tried several different solid foods, and just yesterday pulled himself up to stand! Check out the New Pictures Page and look on the Links Page to see Alex's picts for the best web pages. (We have no idea why he likes that kitten so much but he just loves it.)--Maggie 12-2-02

On Tuesday, Alex will be Four months-old!!!! Our wedding anniversary was this past Sunday so we decided to take a little trip. We took Alex to Frankenmuth. Alex had his first experience in a pool, pictures on the New Picture Page. When we came home Alex tried his first cereal-he didn't seem interested at all. So, we're going to wait awhile to try again. He's very interested in all his toys now. He grabs anything he can get his hands on and stuffs it in his mouth. He REALLY likes to crumple paper. He's also given us his first real belly laughs, he first laughed at John playing with his caterpillar toy. He laughs all the time when you play peek-a-boo. He's rolled from his back to his stomach and now tries to do it whenever he can. We've gotten Alex his Halloween costume but I'm waiting to reveal pictures of him in it. They should be coming soon. --Maggie 10-13-02

With the 3 month milestone behind him, Alex is doing great. He's recently acquired a few new toys to entertain himself. Since he liked to bang on computer keyboards so much we bought him a little wooden piano. Another favorite activity was standing up, so we got hima "Walkaround Entertainer." It has lots of toys and Alex can walk in a circle or swivel in the seat. There is a picture of him in it on the New Photos Page. I've been having fun altering pictures on the computer, see Alex the Flower. --Maggie 9-22-02

Three NEW! pictures and a new link added. --Maggie 9-13-02

I added two videos of Alex. You can find them on the Videos Page or the New Photos Page. --Maggie 9-9-02

I've created a new look for the website, it needed "a little something." The New Photos Page will guide you to the pictures that have been added in the most recent updates. Alex is having fun banging on computer keyboards, walking around the house (with dad's help), and scooting forward on his belly. We'll try to get videos of these favorite activities to show soon. --Maggie 9-7-02

Finally got around to working on the Links Page, be sure to check it out. There are links to both of John's games at Popcap, John's book, Grandpa Cook's geocaches, and some of my personal links. Alex is busy exploring his hands a lot mostly with his mouth *of course*. We had him weighed yesterday and he's up to a whooping 13 lbs. I've only added one picture, Alex and a teddy bear is on the Just Alex Page. I'll get to work and take some more soon. --Maggie 8-24-02

Alex is TWO MONTHS-OLD today!!! I've added more pictures. Our new digital camera can take movies. So check out the new Video Page for a 6 second clip of Alex smiling and talking to his reflection. Right now Alex is starting to bring toys up to his mouth and he's getting more interested in books. --Maggie 8-15-02

A few new pictures added, as I received some from my dad. Hopefully more to come after this weekend. Alex gave us his first squeal this week. Of course it was in response to his own reflection not to us. :) His favorite thing right now is to sit and coo at his reflection in the mirror. --Maggie 8-1-02

Born June 15th 2002 at 5:18pm, Alexander Paul weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long. His parents, John and Maggie, would love to share news and pictures of Alex here on his VERY OWN web site!! Check out his picture galleries, get the latest Alex accomplishments on the calendar, and be sure to try Alex's dad's game Dynomite. Please drop us an e-mail and let us know what you think of the site and come back soon. --Maggie 7-29-02

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