Alex's Calendar of Events

October 19th 2009- Popcorn picking for the Leelanau Conservancy

October 8th 2009- We get a new puppy, a long haired dachshund named Fritz.

October 4th 2009- Alex's loses his first tooth, bottom left incisor.

August 1-8th- Our trip to Hilton Head Island with cousin Eva

June 15th 2009- Alex turns 7!

May 1st 2009- The whole family including all the animals move up north.

April 16th 2009- We begin the major move up north.

February 4th 2008 - Alex gets his white belt in karate. He learns his three bows.

February 2nd 2008 - Alex weighs 44.6 lbs and is 45 1/2 inches tall.

December 27th-30th 2007 - Vacation with cousins up north.

October 31th 2007 - Halloween: Alex is Darth Vader and has a party at school.

October 19th 2007 - We close on property up north!

September 4th 2007 - Alex's 1st day of kindergarden.

August 27th 2007 - Alex is 44 1/2 inches tall.

August 26th 2007 - Party to celebrate the 60th birthdays of Grandma and Grandpa.

August 4th-18th 2007 - Trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.

July 10th 2007 - Alex is 43 3/4 inches tall.

June 16th-30th 2007 - Our rental house in Northport, MI

June 15th 2007- Alex turns 5!

June 10th 2007 - Alex's 5th Birthday Party.

April 7th-15th 2007- Easter and our trip to Key West, FL.

March 24th 2007 - Alex is 42 3/4 inches tall.

February 18th-25th 2007 - Raptisoft Retreat at Boyne Mountain.

December 12th 2006 - Our trip to Grand Rapids. Maggie turns 30.

December 9th 2006 - Preschool Winter program.

October 31st 2006 - Preschool Halloween party. Alex is a pirate.

September 18th 2006 - Alex's first day at his second preschool.

September 11th 2006 - Alex's first day of preschool.

August 17th 2006, Alex learns to swim under water and tread water without floats.

August 4th-21st 2006, Our summer vacation to Virginia Beach and Hilton Head Island.

June 23rd 2006, Our train ride with Grandpa.

June 11th 2006, John's 34th birthday. We have a party celebrating Alex and John's birthday.

May 14-17th 2006, Our trip to Glen Arbor.

April 17th 2006, Alex starts using the potty full-time.

March 24th - April 10th 2006, Our Florida vacation.

February 14th 2006, Great-grandpa Peter passes away.

February 5th 2006, Our trip to Boyne's Mountain Lodge.

December 29th 2005, Alex weighs 37.2 lbs and is 40 1/2 inches tall.

December 12th 2005, We visit Grand Rapids.

November 30th 2005, Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

October 29th 2005, The Halloween Parade.

October 8th-12th 2005- We visit Petosky, Michigan.

October 2nd 2005- We put Bear to sleep.

August 22nd 2005- Alex is 35 pounds and 39 1/2 inches tall.

August 4th-14th 2005- Trip to Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia Beach.

June 21-24 2005- Trip to Traverse City, Michigan.

June 19th 2005- Alex's monkey birthday party.

June 15th 2005- Alex turns 3!

May 3rd 2005- Alex is 34 1/2 pounds and 38 1/2 inches tall.

April 21st 2005- "Day out with Thomas" with Grandma and Grandpa Cook at Greenfield Village.

January 30th 2005- Alex is 33 1/2 pounds and 37 1/2 inches tall.

December 28th 2004- Alex says "I love you" when he blows kisses.

October 5th 2004- Alex has all of his baby teeth broken through.

Sept 26th 2004- Alex first learns to jump up with both feet. He has to gallop/jump instead of run all week. He can also now sing his ABC's.

Sept 15th 2004- Alex can now recognize and say all his capital letters, except J sounds like K most of the time.

August 9th 2004- Alex is saying many, many more words and phrases. He can now count from 1-12 and recognize all of those numbers written. He really loves to sing along with "Interjections" from our Schoolhouse Rock DVD.

August 2-5, 2004- On a trip to Traverse City, Alex really enjoys playing in the pool, throwing sand on the beach and running in the water.

July 3rd 2004- We have a little party for Alex's birthday.

June 15th 2004- Alex's second birthday!!!

May 9-12 2004- Alex's trip to Niagara Falls.

April 30th 2004- Alex weighs 30 pounds and is 35 inches tall.

April 8th 2004- Alex is ~30 pounds and 34.5 inches tall.

April 5th 2004- Here are Alex's most common words/phrases now:

Hi Da!
Mee-ees (for nursing and as please)
Elp-ka (for help)
Up-ka(for up)
Um-a (for food)
Round (for circle shapes)

Pee-u! (stinky feet or diaper)
Stretch (from Bunny's Noisy Book)
Salt (from the Best Mouse Cookie book)
Plop (see above)
And he has a whole bunch of animals noises
(He even does an elephant LOL)

March 29th 2004- Alex first helps clean up. He helps pick up his Legos.

March 24th 2004- Alex has a couple new words: sneeze, ouch, and socks.

January 31st 2004- Alex and his family move to their new house.

December 25th 2003- Alex's 2nd Christmas. His favorite toy is his play tool chest.

November 10th- Alex's early 18 month appt. He weighs 27 pounds 15.98 ounces and is 2ft 7.1 inches tall.

September 20th- Alex's 3rd molar breaks through (bottom right). He now has 11 teeth, 8 in front and three molars (two on top and one on the bottom).

June 16th- Alex's 1 year appt. He weighs 22lbs and is 30 inches tall. He also has his first playgroup class.

June 15th- Alex's first birthday.

June 7th- Alex starts waving (his Miss America wave).

May 25th- Alex stacks cups and places a block on top of the cup stack for the first time.

May 19th- Alex's 8th tooth breaks through (left bottom lateral incisor).

May 16th- Alex gets his first pair of firm soled shoes.

May 10th- Alex cuts his 7th tooth (bottom right lateral). He now wants to walk everywhere on his own.

May 9th- Alex says up for the first time.

April 28th- Our trip to Traverse City. Alex takes a few more solo steps and soon after we get back starts walking full time.

April 13th- Alex says "kitty." It sounds like "keee." By now he has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on the bottom.)

March 14th- Alex's first solo steps. He took two steps while John was walking him around.

March 10th- Alex's 9 month appt. He weighs 20lbs 11.58 oz and is 27.4 inches tall.

March 4th- Alex's first tooth. His front bottom right tooth finally breaks through.

Febuary 2nd- This was the first time Alex fed himself with a sppon. He was playing with measuring spoons while eating and I kept refilling one and setting it in front of him. He would pick it up and put it in his mouth to eat the food.

Febuary 1st- Alex's first swim class.

January 1st 2003- Alex first pulls himself up to sit on his own.

December 29th 2002- Alex's baptism. His godfather is Uncle Mike Raptis.

December 25th- Alex's first Christmas.

December 9th- Alex's 6 month appt. He weighs 18lbs 1oz and is 26.6 inches tall.

December 1st- Alex's pulls himself to stand for the first time. It was on his little red toy piano.

November 28th- Alex sits unsupported for the first time. It was Thanksgiving.

November 19th- Alex crawls three crawls in a row.

September 29th- Alex's first laugh. He laughed at John shaking his measuring stuffed caterpillar.

September 27th- Alex rolls from back to tummy for the first time.

August 23rd- Alex weighs 13 pounds!

August 5th- Alex's 2 Month Visit, 4 shots!! He weighs 11lbs 10ozs.

August 4th- First visit to Great-grandma Helen's house.

July 28th- Alex's 40 day blessing.

July 22nd- Alex's first real smile.

July 19th- Alex weighs 10lbs 9ozs.

July 15th-Alex is 1 month old and weighs10lbs 1oz.

July 11th- Alex's rolls from his stomach to his back.

June 27th- Alex's umbilical cord falls off.

June 21st- Alex's first bath.

June 19th- Alex has a bilrubin test and weighs in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces.

June 17th- Alex comes home from the hospital.

June 15th 2002- Alex was born at St. Joesph-Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, MI. He arrived at 5:18 pm and weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces. He was 21 inches tall.

June 10th 2002- Alex's due date.

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