Pictures From
Grandma & Grandpa's
60th Birthday Celebration

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Alex 8-26-07

John and Alex

Great-grandma Helen

Dorene and Janet

Great-uncle Stephen

Great-uncle Doug and
cousin Dylan

Cousin Tyler

Great-grandma, great-aunt Judy, great-uncle Doug, Grandma

Aunt Tina, mommy, great-aunt Janet

Cousin Rachel

Cousin Becky and
great-uncle Paul

Margot, Eva, Alex

Nicholas, Alex, John

Becky and Alex

Alex pushing Eva

Grandma, Alex, Grandpa,
great-uncle Paul

Getting ready for cake

Finishing blowing out the candle

Great-grandma and grandma

Cousin Katie

Grandma and mommy

Cousins Becky and Katie

Grandpa, friend David, grandma

Grandpa, friend Kathy, grandma

Rachel, Becky, uncle Stephen, aunt Janet

Alex, Rachel, Becky

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