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Abbie and Nelson sleeping together

Alex and his R2D2

Alex in his karate uniform

Alex ki-yahing

Alex 1-31-08

Alex playing with Grandpa's hat

Grandpa and Alex

Alex with his Star Wars Legos

Alex's photo booth shots

Uncle Dino and John

Eva, David and uncle Mike

Cousins Eva and David

Alex's clay worm, note the teeth impressions

Alex consuming his Food Fight

Alex 3-14-08

Alex and John

Alex bowling

Alex and Grandma Carole

Roxy 4-22-08

Alex and his Opera Cake

Alex and Great-grandma Helen

Alex and the painted lady butterfly

Cousin David

Alex in my favorite shirt

Alex and cousin Margot on her 15th birthday

Oma and Papou

Alex with his cousins Margot, Nicholas, Eva and David

Alex mixing up his special cookies

Alex 5-29-08

Why do the shots with perfect focus have to be these?

Alex and John in the carnival funhouse


It's all in the expression.

The bumper boat ride

This was Alex's favorite ride

Measuring up

Abbie inspects Alex's Bionicle creations

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