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Alex celebrates the New Year

Alex and his Lego "spider robot" creation

Alex in the snow

Alex as Mermaidman
(from Spongebob)

Alex and Grandpa making bubbles

Alex coloring Easter Eggs


Key West Aquarium

Sea cucumber

Daddy and a horseshoe crab

Hermit crab

Key West Butterfly House

Horseshoe crab ballon and the Key West sunset

Making Pizza

Grandpa and Alex on the new playground


Alex on his playground

Alex's Lego Bionicle
5th Birthday Cake

Alex's 5th Birthday Party

Aunt Tina & Uncle Kevin

Opening presents

Alex and his friend Nicholas

The frogs at Northport

David, Eva, Alex and Margot


Looking for frogs at the Northport pond

Eva, Alex, David, Margot

John takes the dogs frog hunting

Nicholas and Alex

Alex at Sleeping Bear Dunes

An Alex Raptis Lego Creation

Alex napping suspended

Alex, David and Eva
on the way to Hilton Head


David, Margot and Alex
on Hilton Head Beach


Great-grandma Helen and Alex

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for party pictures


Alex & daddy hiking in the woods

Alex gets a ride


Alex and his Legos

1st Day of Kindergarten

Alex in a tree

Alex at Stoney Creek

Alex in his Darth Vader costume

Alex and Mommy on Halloween

Alex and his Lego creations

Alex and his skeleton buddy

November 3rd 2007

David, Eva, Margot and Alex

Land, Air, Water Project

Karmal, Nelson, and Alex


Cousin Becky and Alex

David, Eva, Alex and Margot


Eating snow

Alex and Nelson

Playing with Nelson

Cousins David, Margot and Eva

Abbie gets her welcome home bath

Abbie 12-15-07

Abbie and Nelson

Eva, Alex and Margot go sledding

Abbie loves Legos

Alex and Abbie

Alex with the Christmas ham

Alex and our tree

Xmas card 2007

Oma and Alex

Alex helping with Oma's cupcake

Margot and Abbie

Abbie and Nelson

Christmas Morning

Alex, Uncle Paul and cousin Dylan

Aunt Barb and cousin Katie

The family on Christmas Day

Great-grandma, Grandpa and Grandma

Alex on the property

David, Alex, Margot, Uncle Mike, Eva, Nicholas

Sledding on 12-28-07

The gingerbread house

Here comes the hammer!

The Aftermath

It still tastes good!


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