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Alex and the Gingergread House

Alex smashing houses

Alex and Great-grandma Helen

Alex at Eva and David's Birthday Party

These are Eva and David's candles

But Alex got there first!

Later he tries on a vase for size

Alex cooking


Alex and Daddy

The engine at Freedom Park

King Louie at Disney World

The beach in Sanibel

Alex and his fishing net

The lighthouse on Sanibel Island

Dinosaur World in Plant City, FL

Alex and Daddy boom heads

Alex and Mommy view the carnage

Alex gets eaten

A view by the lake

Alex gets a ride from Daddy

Alex in the dinosaur cave

Resting on a giant foot

Look at the baby triceratops

An ugly face

The Tennessee cave room at the Wildwood Inn

The train exhibit at Greenfield Village

Grandpa and Alex look at the train demo

Alex and Mommy on the carousel

Alex 5-6-06

Clinch Park Zoo

Alex and the otter


Alex and the bear

Alex and the beaver

Alex and Karmal

Alex's ugly faces



Max (Papou's dog)


Alex and his cousin Eric


Alex and the volcano cake

Alex and Daddy

The eruption

Tasting the lava

Alex and his loot

Trogdor the dragon

Riding the Traverse City train


Alex at Forager's Forest

Riding the Junction Valley Railroad

Allen wrench Superman art

Point Pelee

Great rocks

Mommy and Alex

Alex and Karmal

Nelson with the Chuzzles

Dinosaur art from Kiddie Kamp

Grandpa Cook, Alex and Daddy at the Steam Railroading Institute

Alex with the Polar Express


Sandbridge, VA

Splashing in the waves


Looking for oysters


Alex the starfish '06

Paddling the canoe

Manning the submarine

All men to battle stations

Dolphins are more relaxing

Hatching some osprey

Oh NO!

Alex aboard the Gypsy Kid's Cruise

Catching crabs

"Can I touch them?"

Looking for dolphins

Daddy and Alex

Throwing the shrimp net

The shark

The Shark Blood

Alex fell asleep on Eva's lap

First day of school

Crazy Oct 12th snow day

Riding the Wolcott tractor

Alex and Daddy being pirates

Watch out for the hook!

Scary pirate faces

The Pirate Family

Alex with wax LIPS

The school Halloween Party

A trip to Ann Arbor

Alex with Grandpa Cook


Learning about dinosaurs

Dinosaur feet were HUGE!

Thanksgiving 2006

Playing with Katie's Puppet Show

Alex visits with Santa

Alex gets a chance to be on TV


John's favorite activity

Alex loves his Legos

The mirror tunnel

Crazy faces are fun

Karmal, Alex and Roxy


Alex and Nelson

Xmas Picture 2006

Oma's Birthday

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