2005 Photos

Alex with a chocolate cookie mustache

Alex with a bubble wrap bonnet

March 22nd 2005

Alex riding his car

Alex got a Thomas tattoo

Grandpa, Daddy and Alex before our train ride

Alex's First Sundae

Alex playing in a puddle


Eva, David, Alex and Nicholas on the trampoline

Alex's 3rd Birthday


Feeding the dinosaur

Eat those wood chips!

At the Detroit Zoo

A tiger statue at the zoo


Getting ready to sing

Stealing icing from Grandma

Eating cake

The Monkey Cake

Sitting on the dunes with Daddy

Alex and Grandpa with the Jeep Travel bugs

Alex with a polar bear statue

Eva, Alex and Margot at the Detroit Zoo

Inside the butterfly house

A crab statue in Baltimore

A turtle at the National Aquarium

Alex and Mommy being starfish

Alex and Aunt Barbie looking at turtles

Alex running in the waves

Alex on the sand

Alex and Aunt Barbie at Sandbridge beach

Here comes the wave

Alex with a Clydesdale

Riding the mini Clydesdales

Alex loved this tree

Feeding time for the dragons

A newly hatched dragon

Alex and Daddy go for a car ride

Alex and Mommy ride in a dragon egg

A train at Busch Gardens

Feeding the goats at the Armada Fair

Feeding the rooster

Looking at mammoth bones

Climbing the quince tree

Alex and John at Metro Beach

Alex in Petosky

Alex and Mommy

Alex in the Halloween Parade

Alex doing Up Dog

Karmal, our new dog

Karmal and Roxy playing

Roxy being regal

Alex's ugly faces


Alex and Daddy on Thanksgiving

Alex at the tree lighting

Alex and Daddy

Alex climbing the snow mountain

King of the Hill

Everything must come down

Karmal and Roxy at the gate


Celebrating Papou's birthday

Alex and the Christmas tree


Exploring the woods

Stoney Creek Metropark


Making snow angels

Brushing off the picnic tables

Sitting down for a snow dinner

Eating snow

Alex and Daddy sledding

Alex gets a ride

Eating eggs with chopsticks

An Alex creation

Uncle Kevin shows Alex the T-ball

Nick lends a hand

Celebrating Oma's birthday

Blowing out the candles

Christmas Morning

Playing the harmonica

The doctor's kit

Looking for patients

The volcano train tunnel

Looking glazed and eating a chocolate train pop

Playing with Nelson

Nelson 12-27-05

Merry Christmas 2005!

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