2004 Photos

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Alex stacking blocks

Alex smashing the stack of blocks

Alex and his play drill

Playing with Megablocks

Alex at the new house

Alex at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory

More Butterflies

Alex and John with a butterfly

The waterfall in the Conservatory

Alex 5-10-04

Alex and Maggie in Niagara

Alex and John at Niagara Falls

Alex and Maggie at Niagara Falls

At a park in Niagara on the Lake

Picking dandelions

The Niagara Aviary

Alex pointing

Alex and John at the Niagara Aviary

Alex on his birthday
at Wolcott Farm

Alex with his cake

Alex 7-3-04

Blowing out the candles
(sort of)

Visiting the Armada Fair

Chickens are his favorite

Chicks are cute too!

Knock, knock

Alex 8-20-04

Showing daddy chickens

Metro Beach Waterpark

Playing in the sprinklers

Detroit Zoo

Watching a polar bear

Alex and Grandpa at the pumpkin patch

Alex with the pumpkins

Alex and daddy

Alex with the Halloween favors

Holding the stretchy Frankestein

Playing with glow necklaces

Trick or Treating with daddy

Alex, John and Roxy

Alex 12-14-04

Alex showing me Nelson's nose

Looking at the Christmas tree

Our Christmas 2004 picture

Alex and Margot playing with playdough

The Raptis Grandchildren w/ Oma and Pappou

Taken on 12-24-04

Pappou, Alex, Eva, Margot, Oma, Nicholas, and David

Christmas Day

Stephen, Maggie, Alex, Peter, Helen, Carole and John

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