2003 Photos

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Alex chewing a chicken bone

Alex playing in a box

Alex in John's baby outfit

Alex's Valntine's Day Picture #1

Alex's Valntine's Day Picture #2

Our Valentine

Alex in the dog's water dish

Alex at David's Birthday Party

Alex and Uncle Dino

Alex with his sippy cup

Alex and John at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Alex looking at the fish

Alex and John w/ the cocoa tree

Outside at Matthaei

Looking out the screen w/ Nelson

"Reading" a book

John, Grandma and Alex

Grandpa and Alex

Playing in the grass

Alex's 2003 Easter Picture

Alex watching the gulls

Alex on the beach in Manistee

The Audubon Trail w/Dad

Alex & Mommy

Alex & Mommy feeding trout

Alex in the big tub

Oma, Pappou, Eva, Margot, Nicholas, and Alex

Alex at Wolcott Mill

Alex and Daddy watching the ducks

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Alex at Rachel's Graduation Party

Alex walking

Alex playing in the water

Alex in the box

Alex's 1st Haircut

Alex at Clinch Park Zoo

Alex and the beach

Alex and the bucket of sand

Alex in the hole

Alex and the sand castle

Alex walking in the surf

The Cooks 8-10-2003

Alex playing w/ the pasta

Alex walking w/ mommy

Alex at Wolcott Mill

Alex and John

Alex and the cow

Alex, mommy and Grandpa

Alex on the sheep

Looking at chickens

Alex w/ the bread

In the pool

In Scout's cage

Running down the hill

In the backpack

In the playhouse

Eating tomatoes

Alex 9-2-03

Alex getting messy eating

Alex 9-20-03

Alex and Grandpa Cook1

Alex and Grandpa Cook2

Playing in the leaves1

Playing in the leaves2

Playing in the leaves3

Alex and his pumpkins1

Alex and his pumpkins2

Alex trying on his costume

Alex on Halloween

Pumpkin carvng

Gotta put the top on

Halloween in the leaves1

Halloween in the leaves2

Halloween in the leaves3

Natural History Museum

Alex in the snow

Alex in the snow

Alex in the snow

Alex in the snow

Alex in the snow

Alex in the snow

Alex and the Christmas tree

Making Christmas cookies

Dino, Mike and Pappou Xmas Eve

Nicholas, Dino and Mike

John and Oma

Opening presents Xmas morning

More unwrapping


Playing with toys

Alex's 2003 Christmas Picture

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