2002 Photos

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Alex w/ his Oma

Alex w/ his Pappou

Alex w/ Mom, Dad, Oma & Pappou

Alex w/ Aunt Barbie

Alex w/ Eric & Aunt Barbie

Alex w/ Becky

Alex w/ Uncle Paul

Alex w/ Aunt Susan

Alex's 1st Bath

Napping in the shade

Alex w/ Mommy & the Broccoli

The Family 6-02

Alex and his dogs

Alex and Mommy w/ the Grizzles

Fourth of July

Alex w/ Uncle Doug & Tyler

Alex w/ Tyler & Mom

Alex w/ Tyler & Aunt Judy

Alex in the sling

Alex 7-02

Alex and the frog shirt

Alex 7-11-02

Alex 7-11-02

Alex w/ Dad

Alex 7-11-02

Alex sleeping on Dad

Alex sleeping in the swing


Alex 7-16-02

Alex w/ Oma, Eva, & Aunt Tina

Alex w/ Aunt Tina

Alex 7-16-02

Alex w/ Aunt Tina, Eva & Margot

Bath Time Pictures

Alex 7-26-02

Alex MAD!!

The Family 7-28-02

Alex w/ Mom, Eva & Margot

Alex w/ Mom, Eva & Margot

Alex w/ Mom, Aunt Tina, Eva & Margot

Alex and Mommy reading

Tummy Time

Gymini Talking

Gymini Smiles

Alex 7-30-02

Alex w/ Aunt Beth & Nicholas

Alex w/ Oma

Alex w/ Uncle Stephen

Alex w/ Aunt Barb

Alex w/ Great-grandma Helen

Alex w/ Nelson

Alex & teddy

Alex & Aunt Dorene

Alex swingin'

Alex & Pappou

Alex & Maureen

Alex "walking"

Alex & Nelson

Dad giving a bottle

Alex 9-12-02

Alex on the hammock

Alex typing

Alex 9-16-02

Alex & his new toy

Alex & Grandma Carole

Alex the flower

Alex in the pool

Alex in the pool

Alex's 1st Solids

Alex's 1st Solids

Alex & David

Alex & Uncle Mike

Alex & Kristin

Alex's 1st Halloween

Alex on his toes

Alex & Great-grandma Margaret

Alex in his frog towel

Alex & Becky

Alex's 1st Thanksgiving

Alex sitting on his own

Alex "eating" sweet potatoes

Alex & Oma

Alex's 2002 Xmas Picture

Alex in the laundry basket

Alex and the dog toy

Alex and John on Christmas Day

Alex & Aunt Barbie

Alex's Baptism


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